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Freyja 3d Modeler
GooseEgg is a 3d modeler, skeletal animator, and a level editor. You can edit the meshes of supported models and make models from sratch. It can produce non-amimatied meshes, skeletal models, and edit vertex frame animation models. Sending in model specs, samples, or plugins are encouraged, however only fixes are released for this project now. GooseEgg should now build on gcc 3.x.

If you're interested in my active modeler delevopment see Freyja

GooseEgg CVS modules:
Guano, the GooseEgg mascot

  • SourceForge for providing this project with CVS and web hosting.
  • Peter Bortas for sending me TombRaider demo maps to test with.
  • Loki Games for sending me a demo of SoF to test with.


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